Data driven risk management products for fixed income traders, researchers and risk managers.

Introducing our flagship product for the US Corporate bond market:

CARI - Cardinal Analytics Risk Information

CARI provides Data Driven Default Models that generate:
  • High predictive accuracy
  • Low volatility
  • Issue & Issuer risk metrics

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Who is it for?

CARI's proprietary credit risk model extracts the default signal from market data. CARI is a cloud based platform providing credit risk managers, researchers, strategists and portfolio managers with advanced default prediction analytics that can assist in identifying risks and potential trading opportunities.

What it does

Our default risk score is updated daily and provides clients with a rank ordering of bonds and/or issuers based on their default risk.  CARI’s intuitive dashboard allows clients to instantly see the relative risk of each industry, and drill down into the finer grained issuer or even issue specific default risk metrics.  

How it's used

Clients can use CARI as a tool for filtering issues or issuers to devise investment strategies, or provide the risk manager with instant information of how an issue, issuer or industry’s default risk compares to peers.